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Supported Employment

Alaska Premier's newest program for disabled individuals seeking employment

Are you looking for a job that matches your interests, skills, and talents? The Supported Employment Program at Alaska Premier Assisted Living can help. Supported Employment is specifically designed to help people with serious physical and/or developmental disabilities find jobs that offer competitive wages and real opportunities for career advancement.


Our highly-experienced staff understand the local job market and have strong working relationships with employers across the community, including the State of Alaska. At APAL, we believe that work affects life, and life affects work. Our staff has a vested interest in helping people just like you achieve their career goals and we’re passionate about helping you succeed.

When you enroll in the Supported Employment program you receive:

  • Personalized career planning services.

  • Help creating or updating your resume.

  • Targeted job search services and assistance with job
    applications and interviews.

  • Long-term support for as long as you are employed, or as
    long as you wish to receive it.

To start your job search with help from Alaska Premier Assisted Living, click the button below!

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