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About Alaska Premier Assisted Living

Alaska Premier Assisted Living was established in 2017, as a home and community based agency that provides an array of supportive assistance to persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

  • We are committed to providing person-centered planning for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities

  • We offer reliable, quality services

  • We are professional

  • Our team is outstanding


Mission: Quality of Life for ALL!

Alaska Premier Assisted Living, LLC empowers people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health challenges and other social barriers to lead self-determined lives and reach their full potential.


Alaska Premier Assisted Living is dedicated to helping every client achieve his or her desired quality of life. Each person we support has individualized wants and needs. That’s why we work hard to customize our services to create an ideal situation for each person.

We see every person as an individual with unique talents and abilities. We strive daily to understand everyone’s particular needs and to build services specific to them. Our approach is deeply rooted in quality-of-life initiatives that focus on the whole person. We provide the least restrictive living environment possible, and we work tirelessly to help our clients achieve maximum independence.


Our Goals

Alaska Premier Assisted Living is committed to providing quality services to persons with developmental disabilities while striving to consistently meet the following goals:

  • To ensure each person’s and employees’ satisfaction;

  • To ensure the provision of Person Centered quality services and supports meet the highest standards and to continually strive for improvement;

  • To ensure honesty and trustworthiness in rendering services;

  • To ensure partnerships in service provision with customers, employees, governing officials, and others (family members, advocates, attorneys, guardians, etc.) as a way of reaching mutual goals;

  • To seek growth and leadership in service provision by identifying unmet needs and providing creative solutions to meet those needs;

  • To ensure persons that we serve participate in habilitation by supporting their choices; and

  • To maximize and empower the independence of persons we serve through the least intrusive measures.

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